Hero Zippers proclaim that we will always strive to protect the environment and promote harmony with the environment, our people and industry as the highest priority of our business philosophy. It is our policy to always improve on and exceed the requirements of national environmental regulations. We hold the Oeko-Tex certificate which officially recognizes the ecological harmlessness of our products.

Environment Policy

Hero zippers group is greatly concerned of the environment and the crucial issue of Global Warming.
The group contributes to the environment policy of going green by proper methods of
disposal management and reducing of waste which is not harmful to the environment.
Measures of reducing industrial emissions have made the company more environment friendly.

Eco Friendly Products

We are strongly committed to the conservation of the environment.

  • Dye used are AZO Free as AZO is harmful to the environment.
  • Paints are non-toxic and also lead free.
  • All raw materials are nickel Ferrous ,Lead & Phthalate free.


The group has installed a Wastewater Treatment plant in which effluents are taken care of in an environment friendly manner. Effluent treatment plant has been set up according to international environmental protection requirements.

Water Recycling

Today there is a serious concern globally of an acute shortage of water. Countries, especially of South East Asia, are strengthening their controls over their fresh water supply and are treating it as a precious resource. Hero Zippers is supporting these efforts by reusing water for cooling, utilizing rainwater effectively and recycling factory wastewater in production.


Hero Zippers always endeavours to maintain highest quality levels constantly. All our products are subjected to stringent quality tests in order to assure our highest norms of quality are achieved.

Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction through vigorous involvement of our workforce and continual improvement of our business processes.
Our mission is to successfully deliver high quality products with zero defects on time and every time to our customers.
To fulfill the mission, we operate our Company under the disciplines and control of a Quality Management System conforming to the requirements of International Standard 1S0 9001:2008

With the commitment of top management and through the active involvement of all employees, we will continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. Our quality policy and quality objectives will be reviewed periodically to ensure their continuing suitability and to drive quality improvement. These will also be communicated internally to ensure understanding and to define accountability at all levels of the company.
We are always committed to work closely with our suppliers as they make the road for us to achieve our mission.


We are awarded the following certifications

  • The Environmental Management System certification for complying with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004
  • The Quality Management System certification for complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  • The Oeko Tex certification for complying with the condition of not using harmful substances

Quality Management

We believe in continuous quality improvement. We source for most suitable materials, best technology and processes, reliable and well-maintained machines and instill in our employees a passion for quality.
We passionately seek quality improvements of our materials, machines and processes and continually train our workforce so that our product quality is never compromised
Our organizational culture gives pride of place to quality improvement and ensures all of our resources – materials, machines and manpower  are constantly improved to make our products considered best in the world.

We adopt the following three methods to ensure our product quality remains at the best level

  1. Quality testing of input raw materials.  This ensures that only raw materials of correct standards are input to the production process.
  2. On line quality testing.   Random on line quality testing ensures that the production process is run smoothly under standard quality norms.
  3. Quality testing of final output.  100% testing of the final output guarantees optimum quality to the customers Random in-house testing of output using high technology equipments make our products conform to international standards. In addition the quality circles of our workers identify and eliminate any quality Issues so that high bench marks of quality is continuously maintained.

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